spankingi know this may sound like a very odd title for me…the pain whimp, but it’s true. Sometimes, you just need a good spanking.  It hits that reset button in your mind.  It allows you to release all the pent up hurt and pain…it give you an outlet for it all.

Sometimes it’s just a necessity.  When hurt and pain build up and there is no release well i know personally…i want to hurt myself.  Only i dont trust myself to hurt me and not hurt me too badly.  But i trust my Master, i trust Him to hurt me…to allow me to release all the hurt and pain.  To allow me to trust Him to do that, what stronger proof of devotion and trust.

Spanking therapy…sounds funny but it’s true.  How many times as a child did you here that what you needed was a good spanking…and when it happened sure enough…the clouds cleared on your judgment.  Now, i’m not talking about abusive spankings cause that’s a horse of a different color entirely.  i’m talking about the attitude adjustments. And really does that need go away when we become adults…well, for some i’m sure it does. But right now, i need a good attitude adjustment.

i need to place myself in the hands of my Master.  i need to be helpless to Him.  i need to submit to His correction and i need Him to give me the spanking i well and truly not only deserve but need as well.  i need Him to give me that release from the pain and hurt.  i need Him to give me that mental reset.  To empty myself of everything, so that i can once again come back to a clean and clear perspective.

Do spankings still scare me? Yes, but they dont scare me as much as what i want to do to myself at times, and i certainly trust my Master more than i trust myself to do that.  Sometimes to let go of pain you have to experience pain.   Sometimes to let go of mental pain you need to experience that physical pain.  A good Master is going to know when those times are, and take care of the situation.  And sometimes, as a slave, you need to tell your Master that, as much as you may not want to admit it…that you NEED a good spanking.